The Electronic Communication Network (ECN) was first invented around 1969, making it transparent, efficient and cost-effective; it quickly replaced manual traders and became the dominant player in today's transactions. It continuously improves and solve problems making it the way for development and progress of civilization. Trademax Global never set itself as an online trading platform. From the early days of our establishment to the present day, every step of our development is initiated from the view of all new requests and demands bearing concept of improvement and resolutions.

Since the beginning, Trademax Global runs a highly professional and independent technical team that allows optimal devotion and efficiency, therefore is able to provide safer and more helpful technical developments.

Over the years, the 'quantity' accumulation until 2018 will enable the ‘quality’ change of Trademax Global' this year. We will continually remind ourselves of our initially mission and motivation to never stop growing and moving forward - let the struggle and desire allow us to be connect with the best resources in the world and truly achieve the service of trade in the real global market.

From individual retail traders to professional institutions, Trademax Global endeavours to provide consistent, reliable and secured trading environment. Not only do we choose the world top-tier banks as our liquidity providers, but also partner with top-tier Prime brokerages across the globe. Having mixtures of LPs also allow us to customise pricing channels and execution styles adapting to different types of traders. Our DMA (Direct Market Access) trading environment allow traders to capture best possible real prices in the market with ZERO human-intervention and this could not have been achieved without robust infrastructure. Trademax Global uses OneZero as our bridge, which also acts as an aggregator that constantly tracks our LPs’ performances. Based on its comprehensive reports, we can identify and rectify if there are any subtle changes in the market hence bring our clients stability in trading. Trademax Global also has partnered with a dedicated risk management team based in Michigan, United States monitoring the stability of our pricing and ensure that any abnormalities are dealt immediately.
Express Connections
Alibaba Cloud Express Connections provide Trademax Global a fast, stable, secure and private network communication that is dedicated among all Trademax Global servers. These include MT4 and MT5 Main Trading server, Datacentre Proxy servers, Member Portal servers and Trading System servers (Follow Trade/MAM/Trades Monitoring systems). With this dedicated network connection, all our customer’s trading requests are sent to the Market in a highly secured environment, no unauthorised external systems or anyone can see these traffics. Not only does the Express Connections provide the top securities, these connections will also provide a low latency (fast speed) network among all Trademax Global servers, which means all our Customers can enjoy a trading environment with no delays. Trademax Global is developing quickly to expand the locations of our servers, and connect to them with Alibaba Cloud Express Connections, hence we provide our Customers a stable and reliable investment platform.
Auto Scalable System Hostings
By hosting all our systems in Alibaba Cloud, Trademax Global is able to configure all the system into auto scalable mode, which is a benefit provided by Cloud Hosting. Auto Scaling is a service to automatically adjust computing resources based on our Customer requests. When demand for computing resources increase, Auto Scaling automatically adds more resources to serve additional Customer requests, or alternatively reduces resources in the case of decreased Customer requests. With this ability, Trademax Global can better control system costs without sacrificing any performance, and therefore deliver the optimal products to our Customers.
Multi-Region Datacentres Architecture
As Alibaba Cloud is globally available and expanding rapidly, Trademax Global can utilise its Multi-Region Datacentres to create a highly accessible and fast network to our Customers. Our Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hongkong servers in Alibaba Cloud Datacentres are providing the fastest connections to our Customers in China that are trading on our platform, whilst our Sydney, Singapore, Taiwan, Frankfurt, US servers are serving our International Customers. All these servers located all over the world are connected back to our Main Trading servers in US east Alibaba Cloud Datacentre which has the fastest connections to the systems of our LPs.
Anti-DDoS Protection
When Alibaba is becoming the world largest online e-commerce platform, they also become very experienced in online securities. Millions of online attacks happen every day to the Alibaba online e-commerce platform, known as Taobao.com, which offer them the ability to create the world’s best online protection firewall. As a customer of Alibaba Cloud, Trademax Global is also able to benefit from this technology, therefore we also provide this top level of security protection to our customers around the world. If any attacks are initialised toward any Trademax Global servers, we will be notified within seconds and before we manually do anything, the Alibaba Cloud protection system is already automatically turned on and start to isolate all the attacking traffics. This will ensure our Customer’s legit trading traffics will not be affected in speed and reliability even when our servers are under attack.